Recent years have seen a significant growth in the number of digital nomads. With this, has come an increase in the number of co-working spaces. In fact, just in the last 7 years over 6,000 new co-working spaces have been set up.

Flexible working hours, cheap costs, as well as the social components of co-working spaces, have attracted creative professionals, start up and small business workers from all around the world.

After conducting some extensive research, we have listed 6 of the world’s best co-working spaces below. In order to select the best, we’ve carefully examined a few fundamental aspects of each co-working space:

 Membership Costs

 Wifi Speed





worlds best co-working spaces

1. Patchwork – Paris

Patchwork Paris is a vibrant co-working space aiming at startups, architects and interior designers. The space comprises of individual desks, group desks and private offices as well as conference and meeting rooms. Situated in the heart of Paris’ city centre, it’s perfect for workers who want to split their time between sight-seeing and working.

  There are a number of different membership options at Patchwork. The ‘Nomad’ option costs 40€ ($44)  and gives you full access to the co-working space and Patchwork community for a single day per month. The ‘Desk Patch’ costs 390€ per month ($400) and gives you unlimited weekday access, more printing credits as well as full access to the co-working space. For those wanting their own desk, the ‘Fix Patch’ membership costs 450€ ($470) per month and comes with 24/7 access, a locker and free access to the meeting rooms. There’s also the ‘Private Patch‘ which is ideal for groups and teams as it gives you a large private room. You also get all the added bonuses as well as more printing credits for 490€ ($500) per person per month.

 High-speed internet is present throughout the Patchwork co-working space and runs at a speed of 40mb/s.

  There are regular events happening at Patchwork, and this is why it makes our list as one of the world’s best co-working spaces. Everyone usually meets up for a drink once a week and there are always workshops and formations running. These meet-ups focus on topics such as design, architecture and digital. It’s a great way to meet other professionals in your industry or to make friends in the city!

 Location wise, Patchwork is ideal as it ‘s set in the heart of Paris’ city centre. It is situated close to the Arc de Triomphe, which makes a relaxing lunch spot. The efficient metro system that runs through Paris also makes Patchwork accessible to the rest of the city.

 The space is decorated with vibrancy and colour, and includes plenty of natural light. It’s also extremely spacious and has been crafted and equipped by specialist designers.

 Members at Patchwork are entitled to many extras, such as free Italian coffee and a complimentary birthday breakfast!


SOHO works - Best coworking spaces

2. Soho Works – London

Soho Works is an international collection of workspaces, with offices in LA and London, that support individuals and businesses in the creative industries. The London co-working space is 16,000 sq ft and is situated in the iconic East London Tea Building in the heart of Shoreditch. The central location, beautifully designed rooms and favourable extras make Soho Works a favourite choice in our list of the world’s best co-working spaces.

 There are 5 membership options at Soho Works, London. The ‘Sitting Room‘ offers you a monthly hot desk membership and costs £400 a month ($510). The ‘Shared Desk’ guarantees you your own desk and lockable storage and costs £550 a month ($640).The ‘Study’ costs £600 p/p per month ($765) and gives you a desk in the study that accommodates 10 people. If you’re a ‘Night Owl’ then you can pay £250 per month ($320) to use a desk during night hours. Lastly, if you just need a single day at the co-working space then it will cost you £40 ($50).

 Soho Works offers high speed and secure internet for their members.

  There are numerous events and workshops that regularly run at Soho Works. Topics include crafts and tools as well as how to use 3D printers and the Photo Studio.

 The co-working space is located in the trendy, urban and bustling town of Shoreditch. The East London area has become increasingly popular over the years and is brimming with roof top bars, live music and vintage markets.

  Large windows span from floor to ceiling giving the space a light and open atmosphere. There’s also a mix of vintage and contemporary furnishings such as the 19th century victorian dining tables and mid century chandeliers. These sit beside fresh plants, modern sofas and lamps, which provides a smart but relaxing work environment.

worlds best co-working spaces

 What makes Soho Works stand out as one of the world’s best co-working spaces are its extras. Members are offered around the clock tech support, postal services, an on site cafe and bar as well as a fully fitted members kitchen and a large library comprising of reference books and industry journals. If this wasn’t enough, members are also given access to other Soho Works locations worldwide as well as the famous Soho House London, a members only club that boasts; a roof terrace, pool and lively bar (pictured above).

agora collective is one of the best coworking spaces in the world

3. Agora Collective -Berlin

The Agora Collective has been dubbed as a creative hub for remote working professionals. The collective features a series of bright and airy art studios that span over 5 floors of a 1920’s factory building. As a member, you have the choice of either a shared table, a desk or meeting rooms on either the vibrant, silent or team floor. The co-working space also offers a collective freelance service. This means that if you’re looking to collaborate with someone who possesses a certain set of skills, you’ll be able to find them within the community. Their friendly ethos, along with the light atmosphere and beautiful rose garden are just some of the reasons why it’s a serious contender as the best coworking space in the world.

  The organisation prides itself in providing flexibility to your work schedule. Their passes and plans are designed to suit different working requirements and styles. For a one day pass it costs only 16€ ($20), a flex pass for any five days is 60€ ($70), any fifteen days is 118 € ($130) and a full time pass valid for 30 days is 148€ ($160). If you’d like a full time fixed desk it will cost you only 248€ ($260).

 As a member, you’ll have the choice of 5 high speed internet connections.

 The Agora Collective work hard to host regular events that bring together the co-working community. These events include lectures, workshops, meet ups, dinners and even concerts.

 The location is perfect for those who want to be in the centre of town. It is situated in the leafy suburb of Neukölln. The building is surrounded by plenty of popular restaurants, funky bars, galleries and even the canal. Perfect for when you need to take a relaxing break!

 The beautifully decorated studios offer plenty of space for all kinds of workers. Each desk is spacious and gives you the choice or using either a single or dual monitor. There’s also a lounge/chill out area and bean bags for you to chill out on!

 One of the best things about the Agora Collective is the food on offer in their café. They take pride in providing only the most delicious food to workers, as they are firm believers that food is an important aspect and tool to tackle social, political and environmental issues. As well as good food, their garden terrace is another much loved aspect and is a lovely place to unwind on a well earned break. Alternatively, you can also spend the day working in the garden! If this isn’t enough,  24/7 access is available for all coworkers as well as an efficient printing and postal service.


best coworking spaces around the world

4. Dojo – Canggu, Bali

Dojo is set in the heart of Bali’s popular beach town Canggu, and only 2 minutes from the local surf spot.  It is the perfect oasis for workers who are looking to get some peace and quiet but still want to enjoy Bali’s tropical beauty. This members only co-working space has successfully created a community for inspiring individuals that span from all over the world. There are plenty of options to sit whether you want to be alone, with other members, use the Skype booth or book a meeting room. Although it’s certianly not the biggest co-working space in the world, Doju is thriving with productivity and is definitley our favourite co-working space in Bali.

  For an unlimited package, which includes unlimited hours, wifi, Skype credit, a locker, mailing address and even guest tokens, it will cost you $203 per month. From then, the packages are available depending on your working hours. For 100 hours it costs $127, 50 hours is $75 and 25 hours is $56. At the weekends, non members are allowed to use the co-working space for free but are limited to the cafe area.

  Despite being in a developing country, the wifi at Dojo is usually fast and reliable. This is one of the reasons why it has been rated as one of Asia’s best co-working spaces. Five different Internet Service Providers are used and the total current bandwidth is 158Mbps. Power is also an important factor when looking for co-working spaces in Asia. Although the island faces a lot of frequent power cuts, Dojo have installed generators and power stabilisers so that you can keep on working!

  Dojo is highly praised for their regular events. They divide these events into 3 categories: Inspirational, Knowledge and Networking. Talks are usually presented by their own members and touch on topics such as networking, social media, productivity and environmental. They also host regular members BBQ’s, so you’ll make new surf buddies in no time!

 If you want to be able to work somewhere that is a 2 minute walk from the nearest surfing beach then Dojo is perfect for you! Canggu is a relatively small place, so you’re also close to most local amenities!


best coworking space in Bali

 As for comfort, Dojo has every option you could want. You can sit at a table, chill out by the pool or relax in a bean bag. If that isn’t comfortable enough, why not pop to the cafe and grab yourself a coconut! Bliss. They also have a no shoe policy, which adds to the relaxing vibe.

 Inside Dojo there is a cafe offering a variety of different drinks, snacks and food (they also have lots of vegetarian and vegan options!). Nestled in the corner of Dojo is the famous Nalu bowls. Here you can grab a delicious smoothie bowl filled with fresh fruit and healthy oats. Best yet, it’s served beautifully to you in a coconut bowl. You can see why it’s voted as one of the top co-working spaces in the world!

world's top co-working spaces

5. Work & Co – Cape Town

The Work & Co community have created a space that encourages professional workers to share their passion and skills with one another. The offices are located in the heart of Cape Town, which is one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in the world. The space has been specifically designed to provide the best technology in order to accommodate professionals from all industries.You can either work in a communal space, in a shared office, your own office or in a private meeting room.

  The ‘Hot Desk’ comes with plenty of facilities including free parking, CCTV, printers, telephone booths, lockers and use of the kitchen. The rates vary depending on whether you need the space once a month, five times a month or on a full time basis. They start at $30 per day and go up to $200 for a whole month. For a private office prices go up to $300 per month and meeting rooms are around $30 an hour.

 At Work & Co, you can enjoy uninterrupted ultra high-speed and reliable optic fibre Internet (cat 6 or WiFi). They also have a back up power generator so you can continue to work through any power cuts.

 There are regular talks, breakfasts, parties and even a Work & Co night market. For one night only the work space is turned into a market filled with local designers, artists and musicians. The kitchen is also taken over by a catering company who provided delicious burgers.

 The co-working space is located in Touchstone House, a brand new office building comprising of 15 stories. It lies on the corner of Mechau and the trendy Bree Street. Just a short walk away are public transport stations, shops, restaurants, bars and the famous V&A Waterfront. So you can enjoy your breaks sitting beside the harbour and looking up at Table Mountain!

 As well as offering plenty of space for workers, Work & Co have created beautiful common areas with bars and kitchens. The space has been carefully designed by Andrea Graff and provides a selection of custom-made sofas, herringbone-laid carpets, book cases, African items as well as vibrant colours and wallpapers – it’s a far cry from usual mundane offices!

  The co-working offices have wonderful views over Cape Town and the offices are filled with plenty of natural light. These breath taking views, the colourful interior design and close community put The Work & Co on our list of the world’s best co-working spaces.  In your free time you can relax with Apple TV and you won’t have to worry about safety – the entire building is protected with CCTV and finger print readers.

coolest working spaces in the world

6. The Pioneer Collective, Seattle

This co-working space is set in a light and airy historic building in the heart of Seattle. The large rooms are partitioned by simple open-backed bookcases and decorated with a combination of brick and timber, giving it an elegant and fresh feel. It is an independently owned business and is run as a project intended to bring inspiration and productivity to remote workers. As one of the world’s best co-working spaces, members come from all over the world to work here and specialise in many different industries. You’ll find entrepreneurs, artists, consultants, designers, start ups and freelancers, but the space is open to any type of worker!

 There are plenty of different membership options. If you’d like to work within the community spaces prices start at $110 per month for 5 days. If you’d like to join for the whole month it costs $265 and gives you 24/7 access, 100 prints per month, 3 hours use of the conference room, a guest pass and free coffee! For a designated desk, you’ll be expected to pay $465 per month, this also includes more printing credits and extended use of the conference room. Team memberships are also available and prices range between $190-$910 per month. This price is dependent on the number of your party and how often you visit. Daily visits and trial weeks are also available. Click here to see a membership comparison.

 A high-speed wireless connection is offered at The Pioneer Collective with a speed of 200/200 Mbps.

  At this co-working space, you can even organise your own event! There are plenty of spaces available for banquets, retail shows, career fairs, classes, training sessions, Meetups, seminars, gamejams, hackathons, and workshops. Best yet, the rate of rooms is reduced if you are a member! The Pioneer Collective are also able to aid with catering if needed.

 The co-working space is situated in Pioneer Square, Seattle. It is located just a stones throw away from most of the major stations and surrounding neighbourhoods. If you’re a commuter, they also offer specials that will cut your daily travel costs!

 This light, modern and cosy space is perfect for getting work done. The wooden floors and walls, collection of plants, paintings and comfy office chairs create a peaceful and relaxing vibe. The beautiful setting is one reason why The Pioneer Collective gets our vote as one of the world’s best co-working spaces.

 As a member, you are given access to bike storage and the gym as well as hot showers. There’s also a lounge area and communal kitchen for you to grab complimentary coffee as and when you want. With your membership you are also entitled to discounts for numerous local restaurants and dry cleaning services. You are also given access to various co-working events run by the WTIA. These extra’s are another reason why The Pioneer Collective is one of the world’s best co-working spaces.

best coworking office space in the world

So now you know about some of the world’s best co-working spaces…

If you’re looking to travel the world as a remote worker finding a perfect co-working space is fundamental. It’s important to be somewhere that’s friendly, relaxed and has a strong co-working community. All of the places above get our approval, but if there’s somewhere you feel we’ve left out then why not let us know? You can email us at

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