Every year thousands of nannies pack their bags and find work abroad. Being a travelling nanny is a great way to experience a new culture, see the world and earn money all at the same time. Many countries offer au pair exchange programmes and it’s easy to find agents that will help to ensure your application is a quick and simple process.

Ever heard of Adventure Nannies?

Adventure Nannies offer a bespoke nanny agency service. They promise to carefully find their families a nanny that upholds the highest levels of professionalism. The great thing about Adventure Nannies is that they bring together nannies with some of the most obscure and exciting job opportunities that are located all over the world. They offer au pair opportunities in Malibu, Colorado, New York and are even working with a family setting sail on a luxury yacht.

What Services Do They Offer?

adventure nannies

Permanent Placement Nanny

The agency specialises in finding what they call ‘unicorns’ for their clients. They cater to many specific and unusual requests from families that are looking for a nanny. Those families are usually looking for experienced nannies with a wide range of skills, educational backgrounds and specific language requirements. Adventure Nannies pride themselves in responding to their client’s desires and needs by finding them a nanny that’s a perfect match for their family.

Private Educators

Adventure Nannies also match families who are specifically looking for private educators. These private educators usually come from a range of educational backgrounds. As a potential nanny, you are required to have experience in a role either as a classroom teacher, homeschool teacher or tutor. The agency undergo extensive searches to find private educators and nannies for their clients.

adventure nannies

 Travel Service

Adventure Nannies help families who are looking to find a nanny to accompany them on holiday. Thus, you can also use Adventure Nannies to find travelling nanny jobs. One of their families is currently looking for an adventurous nanny to join them on their yacht vacation through the pacific ocean. Another family are searching for an active skiing nanny to join them in Colorado. Families are often on the search for nannies to join them in doing fun and adventurous activities as well as taking care of their children. A lot of the time, families are hoping to find a nanny who will become an integrated member of their family.

What’s The Hiring Process?

The agency strives to find the best nannies to join the team. Their careful vetting process allows them to make a thorough search and ensure that they make a harmonious match. Their hiring process works a little differently from other nanny agencies and includes the following steps:

  1. As a potential nanny, you will submit an initial, online application.
  2. You will then complete an in-depth written application that assesses your professionalism, experience, personality, and childcare values.
  3. After this, you will be expected to complete an in person interview or Skype interview.
  4. A second,  follow up interview over phone or Skype is required. This is with another member of the team and allows the recruiters to get a second opinion.
  5. You must provide at least (3) childcare or education related references, which they contact directly.  The team will then compose a reference summary for each candidate. This is provided to families who are considering hiring them.
  6. Once this is complete, you are required to pass a professional background check and E-Verify. This allows the recruiters to ensure that your are permitted to legally work within the United States.

So, Can They Help Me?

Adventure Nannies are always on the hunt for professional and experienced nannies. If you are a fun, loving and enthusiastic adventurer and educator then you could be the perfect match for a family. The award winning service takes pride in being a definitive leader in the nanny industry and is always looking to offer a bespoke service that aids both nannies and families. Do you want to inspire the lives of children and enrich their learning and development? Are you interested in travelling the world? If so, then why not head over to Adventure Nannies  and start searching through their available opportunities today.

Thinking about becoming a travelling nanny? Our blog post ‘The 5 Best Places to Be An Au Pair Abroad’ will give you all the information you need. You can also search for au pair jobs using Travel Gig, so sign up for free today!

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