Mri from lifelongvagabonds has shared her discovery of the beautiful pink lake in Torrevieja, Spain. Torrevieja’s Pink Lake is a natural phenomenon and should not be missed if you are nearby!

This coastal Spanish town located less than an hour south of Alicante is well-known for the two colorful lakes sat at its center. One is a stunning turquoise blue that shines brighter than the ocean and another is a true bubblegum pink that amazes even the most masculine of people. For those not awed by the mere unique color of Torrevieja’s pink lake, however, then just wade in up to the shins and sit down for a wonderful floating experience.

Well, wonderful only after the stinging pain of a thousand cuts you didn’t know you had passes.

Torrevieja's Pink Lake

For the reason this lake is so pink is due to a micro-organism called Halobacterium that thrives in extremely salty water. To put the salt quantity of Torrevieja’s pink lake into perspective, it’s so salty that crystalized blocks of salt sit all along the bottom of it! Now this might sound like an extreme environment to live in, but somehow the micro-organism manages to not just survive here, but to thrive, thus turning Torrevieja’s lake, any Halobacterium eating brime shrimp, and later feasting flamingos their famous pink!

*If you’re not too keen of having this much salt anywhere near an open, then make sure to cover yourself with the supposedly pore cleansing mud found along the shore of Torrevieja’s pink lake.

Torrevieja's Pink Lake

For more information about Torrevieja’s pink lake and a few dozen other free and unique attractions in Spain, then check out Lifelong Vagabonds page: Free Things to Do in Spain or follow them on Facebook!

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