Our guest writer Naira from traversinglife has written us this article on the beauty of Egypt’s secret beaches. Who knew we were missing out on the magical place that is Egypt…

Since 2011 tourism in Egypt has dropped drastically, however it is still a beautiful country with countless things to offer. Until now, what few travelers know is about the secret beaches of Sinai. The Sinai Peninsula is bathed by the Red Sea, surrounded by stunning desert mountains and year-round sun. The most known place there is Sharm el Sheik, the definition of tourist trap-do not go there!

egypt beaches at sunset

2 hours north of Sharm, along the coast is Dahab. A bus from Cairo takes 8 hours, long but worth it, since you arrive to traveler’s paradise. A long strip runs along the beach with restaurants, cafés and the ocean on one side and hostels, dive shops and markets on the other. Days can be spent diving in the morning, chilling in a café (with ocean access) in the afternoon and having a few beers at night.

If you are really adventurous, and love to disconnect, head to Nuweiba, one hour north of Dahab for unexplored beaches. There are countless camps along the beach that offer a bed in a beach hut and breakfast for around 10 dollars. The plan here is to relax, swim and snorkel, be in the sun, listen to music and marvel at the pure night sky. It’s the perfect place to truly disconnect.


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