Our third guest writer is Dany from travellingdany. She is an avid traveller and documents her adventures from all over the world, particularly the USA. Dany’s blog provides travelers with helpful tips, discounts and guides for those looking to plan their trip. She has written us this stunning article on how you can spend 24 hours in the Grand Canyon…

The magnificent Grand Canyon is probably Arizona’s most distinguishable landmark and one of the seven natural wonders of the world. 77 miles (445km) from end to end, an average of 10 miles wide (16km) and nearly one mile deep (1,6km), it is indeed an impressive view… that could make you feel overwhelmed, too! On paper it looks feasible in a couple of days, but actually you’d need at least four or five to explore it properly. In case you’ve already scheduled just 24 hours at the Grand Canyon, on the South Rim, don’t panic: you can still enjoy your time there!

The first thing you should take into account is trying to book one of the Xanterra facilities inside. This will allow you to enjoy sunrise and sunset, without wasting any time to go back and forth from your hotel. Xanterra manages a very nice trailer village and five hotels and lodges inside the Grand Canyon National Park: you can book directly on their official website.

Your day will start early: go directly to the Grand Canyon Visitor Center to watch a short and yet very interesting movie on the park. Afterwards you can move to Mather Point, which is usually pretty crowded, because it’s one of the most famous viewpoints, but you will be advantaged because it’s still early. It’s a great spot where you can take impressive pictures of the canyon even if you’re not overly photo savvy.

spend 24 hours in grand canyon

24 hours can be a short time to enjoy the park, so I suggest you to leave your car to the Grand Canyon Visitor Center and take the Kaibab Rim Route, a free shuttle bus (Orange line) that will also allow you to view some of the most beautiful sights. From Yaki Point, only accessible through this shuttle bus, and also called the “Zabriskie Point” of the Grand Canyon, to Moran Point, where all the layers of centuries old rock are clearly visible, to Lipan point: don’t forget to carry a pair of binoculars with you. The Desert View Road on the Kaibab Rim Route, in fact, offers the chance to see up to the North Rim of the canyon. Cape Royal, on the North Rim, is in fact just 8 miles away in a straight line, but you’d have to drive for 215 miles to get there with your car!

Did I already mention that the Grand Canyon can be a bit overwhelming?
With this little guide you have the basics to explore the most beautiful sights in a mere 24 hours. If you fall in love with this majestic nature wonder like me, then there’s only one thing you can do: schedule another trip as soon as possible!

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