As a short feature, TravelGig has collaborated with a number of guest bloggers to hear about their worldwide adventures. Henar, from Henarwanderwings has written this stunning article on Madeira and used her own photographs to show you why you need to visit!

Madeira is one of those places that many people overlook. Most would have heard about the “Flower island” of Portugal, or maybe the “Pearl of the Atlantic” but never really thought about setting off to discover this stunning island. Located around 400 kilometres (250 mi) north of the Canary Islands, Madeira is, very much like its Spanish neighbours, a volcanic island. But with its four complementary microclimates, Madeira hosts a whole lot more than just volcanic soil. A paradise for all. Don’t believe it? Then check the following photos out, they will make you want to visit Madeira right now.

1. Seeing Madeira from the plane madeira

2. Monte Palace Tropical Gardens (Funchal)

why you should visit madiera

3. Funchal Botanical Gardens

maderia funchal botanical gardens

4. The Lobo Marinho ferry to Porto Santo


 5. Porto Santo Island and its 9 Km golden sand beach

maderia beach looking beautiful

 6. Going on one (or many) of the Levada Walks


 7. Visiting the typical Triangular Houses in Santana

visit madeira

 8. Waterfall chasing around west Madeira


 9. The views from the miradouros over valleys and gorges


 10. Sunsets in Madeira are breathtaking


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