Cairo is one of those cities that will leave you mentally beaten and bruised should you stay too long. The scary traffic, constant scams, horrible pollution and, the never ending harassment from relentless touts will make you want to scream: “I JUST WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE!”

However, that’s just the price you have to pay if you want to see the world famous Pyramids of Giza.

So what is the best way to see Cairo without wanting to check yourself in an insane-asylum?

Step 1: Be in Cairo on a Friday or Saturday

Going to Cairo on a Friday or Saturday means visiting the country during their Islamic holiday. Many Egyptians will be home praying which will significantly reduce traffic and the number of scammers you encounter.

Step 2: Stay in an Airport Hotel

That’s right, don’t even bother staying near the Pyramids. The taxis there will try to scam you very hard, often times quoting to charge you 200 Egyptian Pounds for a 5-minute drive to the Pyramids.

Despite being a bit more pricy than staying in a hotel in the city, the service in the airport hotels tends to be much better. (From my own personal experience)

Step 3: Hire an Uber to take you to the Pyramids of Giza



Hurray for Uber! Because you pay Uber directly by credit card, you don’t have to negotiate any prices with the taxi drivers.

The difference in price between taxi drivers and Uber is huge! We were quoted 200 Egyptian Pounds for a 5-minute drive by taxi to the Pyramids versus 22 Egyptian Pounds when we used Uber.

Of course it will cost you more money to take an Uber to the Pyramids from the airport. Since you’ll have to take a taxi back to the airport later anyways, you might as well hire an Uber now to get all your sight seeing done in one day.

Step 4: Hire your Uber driver to take you to the Egyptian Museum


After taking you to the Pyramids of GIza, you can negotiate a price with your Uber drive to take you to the Egyptian Museum and back to your airport hotel. They will definitely give you a better price.

Note: When I took an Uber to the Pyramids of Giza and Egyptian Museum, our driver was so nice that after we got back in the car, he got us some beverages to help keep us hydrated in the scorching heat. That’s amazing customer service right there.

Step 5: Escape Cairo and go to your next Egyptian destination

After you’ve done seeing the amazing Pyramids of Giza and the wonderful Egyptian museum, it’s time to leave Cairo before it drives you insane.

Last minute Egypt Air flights tends to be quite cheap. They can be as low as $30 USD (480 Egyptian Pounds) for flights to Luxor or Aswan.


Do visit Cairo for the world famous Pyramids but get out as soon as you can. I made the mistake of staying there for three days and it almost drove me insane. Don’t make the same mistake as me! The other parts of Egypt are not as rough and I remember the people in Luxor to be quite friendly.

I travelled there on September 2016 and never once did I feel my life was in danger. Don’t listen to the media about Egypt being a dangerous travel destination. I even took the local trains and no one tried to harm me or steal my stuff.

The Egyptian Pounds has also recently devalued making Egypt even cheaper than it already is! Eventually, people will realize how cheap and safe it is to travel to Egypt and tourist will return in hoards. Go there now while you can still take pictures without hoards of tourists getting in the way. You won’t regret it!

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