Japan has no shortage of stunning scenery; of mountains, blossom, lakes, temples. The amount of beauty in Japan is endless. It’s also home to one of the world’s most chaotic but quirky cities, Tokyo. The wildlife and landscapes come alive in all seasons in Japan. There’s the beautiful array of blooming flowers, trees and plants in Spring and Summer that are not to be missed. The rich colours that take over in Autumn are breath taking and majestic and in Winter, the heavy snow and dramatic mountains draw in thousands of skiers every year. These photos will show you that whatever season you decide to visit Japan, it really is one of the most beautiful places on the Earth!


visit japan and the beautiful mount fuji

                 Mount Fuji   (Photo Credit: Howard Poole )



visit japan and its wisteria

                 Kawachi Fujien Wisteria Garden (Photo Credit: Kirsty Matthews )



osaka temple                Osaka Temple in Spring (Photo Credit: Kohiji Akasawa )


visit japan

             Kyoto Bamboo Forest (Photo Credit: Ingeun Nam )


5. blossom               Yoshino Mountain covered in Japanese Cherry Blossom  (Photo Credit:Tutar)


cranes                The Emblematic Japanese Dancing Cranes (Photo Credit: Steve Vidler)


TOKYO        Bustling Tokyo (Photo Credit: Nicole Lian)

autumn in japan         Autumnal Colours in Kyoto (Photo Credit: Kyle Matthews)


japanese snow monkeys         Famous Japanese Macaques Soaking In An Alpine Hot Spring (Photo Credit: Jasper Doest)


ski in japan

          Ski in North Japan, Hokkaido (Photo Credit: Martin Evans)

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