The world is becoming a bigger and more connected place. With this, the number of people relocating from their home countries and seeking a new life in another has increased. Now, more than 244 million people globally, as estimated by the United Nations, have moved abroad which is an increase of 40% since the year 2000!

Recently, the Global Community Network InterNations conducted their annual Expat insider survey. This survey offers an analysis of everyday life as an expat in more than 60 countries across the world. There were over 14,000 respondents, representing 174 nationalities and 191 countries. In taking part, the expats had their say on relocating, their life and working abroad.

the internations results on the best countries to relocate to

The survey covers a wide range of topics. They ask participants about their happiness with regard to a variety of factors that are related to their country of residence and their personal life abroad.

Below, the results of the top ten expat destinations of the last year are listed:

  1. Taiwan
  2. Malta
  3. Ecuador
  4. Mexico
  5. New Zealand
  6. Costa Rica
  7. Australia
  8. Austria
  9. Luxembourg
  10. Czech Republic

Taiwan is a newcomer to the top ten list and beat Ecuador who had, until recently, topped the list for two years in a row. Taiwan holds first place in the survey’s results for quality of life and personal finance Indices. This is no surprise, as it’s healthcare is affordable and most expats who have relocated there are in a strong financial situations.

Taiwan was voted the best place to move to as an expat

It also holds second place in the working abroad index (more on this below) with 34% of expats in Taiwan feeling completely satisfied with their jobs, which is double the global average of 16%!

In the survey, most expats commented on Taiwan’s welcoming culture, their warm people and the comfortable Western living. This makes adjusting to life in Taiwan easier for most people who have relocated. One expat said, on relocating here, that he was ‘surprised and humbled by the extent many Taiwanese locals were so openly welcoming.’


malta came second in the internations survey


Malta’s warm weather and close proximity to Europe were noted as the biggest attractions for expats who had relocated to the country. Many expats commented specifically on the slower pace of life, so it’s no surprise that it came top for the ‘Easy Settling’ category.

One woman who relocated from Rome noted that it was the culture of the country that drew her in the most. The ’siestas in the afternoon’ and ‘relaxed approach to work’ are just two of the reasons she enjoys living in Malta. Additionally, Malta’s foreigner-friendly tax system is appealing to many expats. With no tax on capital gains earned overseas, you can see why it came in at number 2.


new zealand was amongst the highest ranking countries for satisfaction in expats


New Zealand’s stunning natural beauty has always drawn in millions of people from across the world. Its easy access to cities and beaches, as well as it’s popular skiing terrain, have been some of the main reasons why it made the top ten list.

An InterNations Ambassador who grew up in Hong Kong and Singapore expressed her love for New Zealand, ‘I initially moved to New Zealand with my parents, but I have lived overseas since then and returned because I missed the laid back lifestyle and kind and friendly people and environment’

Popular weekend activities such as hiking, parties and road trips are just some of the things that expats loved about the kiwi lifestyle. One thing the survey did note was that the trade-off for the laid back lifestyle can be a relatively low salary compared to the high cost of goods. Especially in comparison with the wage to cost of living ratio in Australia. However, travel, outdoor activities and healthcare still remain relatively inexpensive in New Zealand.

at travelgig we want to support those who are thinking of relocating or want to earn money while they are travelling


Here at Travel Gig, our mission is to support the growth of people who want to travel and work or those who want to find work and move abroad. Below, are the results of the InterNations Survey for the best places for expats to build their career in the last year.

Luxembourg came in at number one, as it offers a stable economy, safe jobs, and a healthy work-life balance. Taiwan was second with it’s high job satisfaction and good career prospects. After these came Germany, which offers expats high job security and followed again by New Zealand.

Australia, Norway, Denmark and the UK were also amongst the top ten places for expats to build their career. However, the biggest climbers in 2016 were Hungary, Romania and India. These three destinations have made a huge leap forward in the working abroad index particularly the job and career subcategory. So if you are interested or looking for places to work abroad, these three destinations are not to be forgotten about.



The survey is an extremely in depth and interesting exploration of the world and all of the unique possibilities that are available. There are a huge number of categories that we have not mentioned. These include; the easiest countries to find housing as an expat, the best place to bring up children, best places for expat women vs men and so on. If you want to read about them, or get more information about anything in this article just follow the link here.

Most people who have chosen to relocate say that it was the best decision they ever made. With the ever-growing possibilities available online or with jobs worldwide, it’s becoming easier to make living abroad a possibility.

If you are considering moving abroad, whether its permanently or temporary and want to find jobs in the area, sign up to Travel Gigs today and start searching. It’s completely free and could be the first step to living that life you’ve always wanted.

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    We’ve lived in numbers 14, 33, 50 and 57; currently in number 15 plus we’ve lived in Angola which doesn’t make the cut!! After our experience we can say that the main important thing that will make a destination good/bad is the people that surrounds you. What makes a good country for one doesn’t make it for another one. All these list are cool but in the end, we are all unique. We should embrace it!

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