Do you want to spend your life travelling but you don’t own a bottomless pit of money? We feel you. It’s hard to fulfil your adventuring dreams when everything involved seems so expensive. Ever thought about travelling and working at the same time? Below, we have listed the top 10 best travel jobs 2017. These aren’t strange, obscure jobs,  these are realistic jobs that will actually help you to earn money while travelling. So hopefully you’ll find a job abroad, fulfil your dreams of travelling and earn money all at the same time..

1. Online copywriter

Lots of online companies are looking for copywriters, both junior and senior experienced. Best yet, the jobs usually don’t require you to be in a specific location. This mean you are free to work remotely wherever you please.  You just have to get it done and submitted on time. Your employer may expect a couple of short Skype meetings per month to ensure you’re up to date with the work and to make you feel like you’re part of a team. It’s definitely one of the best travel jobs 2017 if you have a passion for creativity and writing. In the role, you’ll be expected to write content for almost anything that goes on the companies website. This could be anything from designing emails or blog posts or writing product descriptions. You could be looking at being paid around $20 an hour.

These websites will help you find work:

working remotely is one of our best travel jobs 2017

2. Blog Writer

To earn money as a blog writer is a little harder as it’s incredibly popular and more competitive. Although you may not get paid a lot, you’ll gain experience writing which, in turn could help you land a higher paying job. As a blog writer you’ll be expected to write interesting and exciting articles and the topics will depend on the kind of blog you’re writing for. Usually if you’re travelling and have some unique adventures to tell travel blogs will hire you! You could be paid anything from $0.10 – $1 per word depending on the size and popularity of the blog. Being a blog writer is a great way to keep yourself occupied whilst travelling and to document your adventures.

As well as those listed above, you’ll find more writing jobs on these sites:

We are always looking for new blog writers here at Travel Hacker! We want to hear about your weird and wonderful travel experiences, advice on countries you’ve been to or even tips you have for fellow travellers. If you’re interested in writing for us then submit your article here.

3. Work At A Hostel

Backpacker hostels frequently hire travellers to fill temporary part time or full time jobs. You could be working as a cleaner or at front reception and all in return for a free bed to sleep in and food to eat. It’s a great way to meet new people whilst earning some money and save on accommodation and food while you’re travelling. You could earn between $7-$10 an hour plus bed + food.

Fancy working in a hostel? Check out these sites:

earn money as a yoga instructor

4. Sports Instructor

Surfing, diving, skiing, yoga, fishing, kite surfing, tennis… the list is endless. If you have a skill in any kind of sport then why not share your knowledge. You could be earning money whilst doing something you love! Look into what courses/ qualifications you may need first to be an instructor in your sport. You could be earning anything between $1000-$4000 a month.

Here’s some useful advice and stories from people who are travelling the world as sports instructors:

5. Bar Tender / Waitress

Hospitality work is the same all over the world. Whether you have experience or not, it’s pretty easy to pick up bar tender and waitressing skills. If you’re in an English speaking country you won’t need to worry too much about having another language, although it does always put you in an advantage. You won’t just earn a wage, it’s likely you’ll pick up a few tips too and even better, you’re bound to meet new people. For a wage, you’re looking at a big range- it depends on the establishment, the country and you’re experience but it could be anywhere between $1000-$4000 a month.

6. Work On A Yacht Or Cruise Ship

If you have a love for the sea, enjoy hospitality, want to work and travel around the world then working onboard a yacht is for you. This rewarding career will bring you lots of exciting opportunities, you’ll work with people all around the world whilst experiencing 5 star level service and earn good money too. There are a number of different roles you can apply for such as Captain, Mate, Engineer, Chef, Steward(ess) and Deckhand. The days may be long and tiring but your days off will be worth it! Plus, who doesn’t want to wake up to the view of the ocean every morning? It’s easy to see why it made our best travel jobs 2017 list!

For more information and to find work on yachts check out the sites below:

7. Teach A Language

Do you know how to speak English or any language around the world? Nearly every single country has a high demand for English language teachers. Countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf Arab States are in highest demand for English teachers and also offer the highest salary for teaching. You could earn between $1000- $6000 a month and many jobs include benefits such as free housing, health insurance and flights. You do usually need to be TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) certified, but don’t worry as you can take the course easily from home! It won’t just be an enriching and rewarding experience, you’ll also get to explore your new country and meet new people whilst earning great money.

For advice and work look here:


earn money dog walking is a great best travel job 2017


8. Be a Dog Walker

Yes, you really can earn money being a dog walker (and lots of it!). Many people are not able to look after their beloved pets because of daily work commitments. This means that thousands of dog owners are always looking for people to walk their dogs during the day time. What sounds better than being paid to spend time with adorable animals? Nothing, it’s also the easiest way to make money on our best travel jobs 2017 list!

9. Become a Web / Graphic Designer

Have you got an eye for design, creativity and knowledge of software programmes and online platforms? You’ll need to know how to navigate around programmes like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, WordPress etc and having a talent for writing code helps too. If you do, then you could be earning good money from the comfort of anywhere in the world! If you need advice or want to find freelance web and graphic design work, look here:

10. Au Pair

No best travel jobs 2017 list would be complete without Au pairs! Au pair’s are live in nannies and babysitters hired by families to look after their children and to do the odd household chore. In return, you’ll usually get a bed and food plus a good wage. Best yet, depending on the children’s age, your hours could be limited to just the morning and evening so you’ll have all day to explore your new city. You could even get weekends off too! It’s the perfect way to become integrated within the culture, to feel at home and within a family whilst also earning good money on your travels!

Fancy it? Here are some useful sites to help you au pair find work:

best travel jobs 2017So there you have the best travel jobs 2017…

Hopefully, this list will have given you the desire to go travel and work! Why stick to your same old daily routine when you can go and explore the world, live like a nomad and earn money to keep you going! Whether you want a job that involves your passion, is involved with care or is in hospitality, there are thousands of jobs out there that are calling your name. You just have to apply, so what are you waiting for? Put our best travel jobs 2017 list to good use!

Also, make sure you keep an eye out here at Travel Hacker as we will have some exciting new travel job opportunities soon…


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