Traveling alone can be challenging for women when it comes to packing and taking care of themselves while being constantly on the run. For women who just started traveling, it is a common mistake to over-pack, overthink, and sometimes over-plan certain activities that might cause delays or worse—additional airport fees that can significantly cut your budget.

There’s nothing more exciting than feeling adventurous and vulnerable at the same time, especially if each day turns out to be a memory that you can potentially keep forever. However, it is important to be wise when it comes to the little things that matter and make a difference. Here are some travel hacks that can specifically be effective for women travelers.

  1. Use key clips to secure the strap of your sling bag on the belt holes of pants. It’s always dangerous to walk through thick crowds, especially as a foreigner in a busy place. Key clips will keep sling bags in place in case someone tries to grab it.


  1. Cut your soap into little cubes or strips. This is helpful especially when moving from one hostel or backpacker inn to another, where bath stuffs are usually kept in lockers. Use one cube or strip per shower so there’s no need to take wet soap in a humid storage place.


  1. Loop keys in bikini string when surfing. This way, you can be secure that keys won’t go missing when out surfing. It is important to make sure that the bikini string is tied tightly in a way that it won’t unravel during water activities.
  1. Bring or buy a dry bag when going to a beach destination. While it doesn’t look like the most fashionable thing in the world, a dry bag is the best way to store and secure valuables, especially when going island hopping, camping out, or when traveling to places during rainy season.


  1. Only withdraw the money you need. Unless traveling to a remote island without cash machines, it is always wise to only carry the amount allotted for certain days. In case someone tries to steal your money, it will be easy to recharge and recover.


  1. Clip your money and keep it tight in your pocket. It is a simple rule, but if in the absence of pockets or if you’re wearing a dress, keep it clipped in your underwear. Put loose change in your bag but keep big bills hidden, preferably in your locker or with a friend. Practice this hack when out partying or drinking.


  1. Travel in style without bringing your entire closet. There are several practices for this hack: such as packing clothes according to a color scheme, bringing one infinity scarf and a pair of tights to go with all outfits, and wearing your heaviest pair of shoes during flights. Second-hand clothing stores are everywhere in most travel destinations, and it will save you baggage space if you decide to buy certain clothing items such as tank tops, shorts, and skirts while you’re traveling. It will also be easier to let go of these things when it’s time to pack on your way home. 

navy grey teal and claret four by four wardrobe

  1. Moisturize skin and hair but don’t overdo it. On tropical holidays, damaged hair and breakouts are a woman’s most annoying company. Keep hair soft and silky by using natural moisturizers. If in the tropics, coconut oil can work wonders for the skin and hair.


  1. Store power cords in a sunglass case. There is nothing more annoying than pulling out your charger with the cords tangled altogether. Use a small object to wrap your cords around with and then store it in a sunglass case.


  1. Be careful using public WiFi hotspots. According to a report by CNN, travelers jeopardize their online privacy all the time without being aware of it. A recent warning released by the FBI states that hackers target travelers when they log into Wi-Fi in public places and in hotels overseas. The statement mentioned several incidents when travelers came across fake software pop-ups that turn out to be malicious software entering their devices. Sian John, a UK Security Strategist at Symantec, says that cyber criminals often target travelers through public or hoax WiFi connections that usually appear on top of the network list. Hackers install these “hot spots” airports, conference centers, and hotels that get a lot of traveler traffic, making these places the most dangerous to connect to free Wi-Fi. To be safe, go to a café where you can buy a drink and peace of mind when connecting to the Internet.


  1. Throw in the hotel soap in your dirty clothes bag, especially if the clothes are damp. This will prevent your dirty clothes from smelling funky when it’s time to pack.


  1. Put jewelry in an empty retainer case or pillbox. Valuable accessories can be kept safe in these kinds of containers. They will be harder to lose and will be less susceptible to temperature-related damages.


  1. Find flights for free. Booking flights for free is the ultimate travel hack, and once you get to find out the best ways on how to do it, it’s actually possible. Here are some known ways on how to travel without spending on airline tickets:
  • Frequent Flyer programs
  • Airport glitches or errors
  • Applying for credit cards with flyer points for free
  • Taking advantage of seasonal offers

To find out more about finding flights for free, click here.

While traveling, it is a normal occurrence, if not a must, to let go of certain vanities and unnecessary baggage—both emotional and things you put in your backpack. These hacks will not only enhance your travel experience, but it can potentially make your adventures better.


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