In recent months, there has been a lof of speculation about Thailands new 6 month multiple entry tourist visa. Until now there has been no solid evidence to support the claim.

I’m glad to say that the rumours are true! Johnnyfd recently got hold of official documents explaining the new METV (Multiple Entry Tourist Visa) and the visa is not only official, it’s better than anyone expected!

This METV opens up new doors for digital nomads and expats, continue reading to find out how to use this visa.

The METV letter:


Summary of the new 6 Month Visa:

  • Multiple entry: You can come and go as you please allowing you the flexibility to go over to Cambodia or Laos for a week and return without any hassle.
  • Valid for 6 months:  Plus a 30-day extension.
  • Cost: $140 for 6 months which is a fantastic deal considering the cost and inconvenience of the alternative!

How to Obtain a New 6 Month Visa:

Unfortunately, this visa only permits you to apply for it from your home country, or a country in which you have residence.

That means, unfortunately, if you’re already in SE Asia you’ll have to fly home to apply for it. This may seem like a pain but, you can think of it as an opportunity to catch up with friends and family for a few weeks before you move back to Thailand semi-permanently!

The flights might sound expensive, which is the biggest downside, but if you’re still paying full price for flights you should definitely check out our post on how to become a travel hacker.


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