Our Travel Hacker team have compiled a fresh list of simple travel hacks to make your next travel experience cheaper, easier and more efficient. We hope you enjoy this article. Drop us a comment at the bottom of the post if you’ve got a hack we’ve missed!

  1. You can carry your own alcohol!
    You don’t have to buy the expensive alcohol on the plane. As long as each bottle is 100ml or less, and it fits into a sealed 20x20cm bag, you can carry it on board – you’re welcome!


2) Clear your cookies to book cheaper flights.

Refreshing the page 1000 times will not make your flight cheaper, in fact it will probably make it more expensive. Flight aggregators like Skyscanner or Kayak use something called ‘dynamic pricing’ so if a flight seems to be in high demand, the price will go up. Using incognito or private browsing is a popular way to get around this, but the best way is to clear your cookies and search history.

Clear your cache


3) You can get up to $670 compensation for canceled or delayed flights – from up to 3 years ago!!
If your flight has been delayed or canceled in the last 3 years, then you could be entitled to up to $670 USD from the airline. The airlines kept this one quiet, didn’t they! Luckily a new company has surfaced to help you take advantage of this. Check out Get Air Help to find out what you’re entitled to.
Cancelled flights refund

4) Do a month search on your itinerary.

Most frequent travelers will know this, but if you can afford to be flexible with your travel dates by a couple of days, then select ‘whole month’ to view all the flight prices. This allows you to book much cheaper tickets.
book cheaper flights


5) Ask to be upgraded!
There are often extra seats up for grabs in business or first class – ask and you shall receive (maybe!). If there has been an airline error, for instance, you’ve had to move seats and you can’t sit where you’d booked, the airline will often upgrade you out of courtesy – you just have to ask!
Ask to get your flight upgrade

6) Skip the queue by going left.
Most people use their right hand, so they naturally go to the right. By going left you may get a much shorter wait time.


Airport hacks

7) You have a 24-hour window to get a refund.
Once you click the button and book your flight, you have a 24-hour window to get a refund (EVEN on flights which say they are non-refundable). So if you’re checking flights the next day and you find one cheaper, you can (usually) get refunded.
flight refund

8) Carry an empty water bottle.
You can fill it up after you get through security, which saves you paying the ridiculous prices for water when you get through to the gate.
water bottle

9) Do you get plane sick or are you scared of turbulence?

Make sure you book a morning flight. Many factors that affect turbulence usually occur later in the afternoon.

book flights in the morning
10) Take a photo or scan your passport, driver’s license and documents and store them in the cloud.
This is an essential tip for any frequent traveler. When you travel, things will inevitably go wrong. By having a copy of these documents, you have a backup when a crisis occurs. It is also really useful to have these documents on hand if you’re ever applying for visas.store flying documents in the cloud
11) Charge your phone in Airplane Mode.
Most people already know this one, but it charges 2-3x faster.
airplane mode

12) Take a photo of where your parking space is so you remember where you parked.
After a few weeks away on an amazing trip, the last thing you want to do is return to the airport to find that you can’t find your car!

Take a photo of where you parket

13) Take a photo of your luggage getting checked in.
If the airline loses your baggage, you’ll have proof that it was checked in.
check in baggagge


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