As the idea of working remotely becomes more accepted by employers and freelancers, the idea of shared working spaces has become very popular.

Co-working spaces allow you to rent a desk or an office for flexible terms. They’re affordable and great for networking with other digital nomads who are living and working remotely. They can also serve as a great place to find work as a freelancer.

When working remotely, you don’t necessarily have to find a co-working space, but sometimes working out of your hotel or homestay just won’t do it anymore! Take a look at this list of the best places to work and live remotely and let me know what you think in the comments!

Chang mai

  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Cost of living: <$600US p/m
    Internet: Great
    Places to work: Nimman, Bibie, Starwork


  2. Bandung, Indonesia
    Cost of living <$550US p/m
    Internet: Average
    Places to work: Co & Co


  3. Hanoi, Vietnam
    Cost of living <$600
    Internet: Great
    Places to work: Clickspace, iHouse, Rapture coffee

    surfing and working in siargao

  4. Siargao, Philippines
    Cost of living: <$800
    Internet: Average
    Places to work: Oceon 101, Viento Del Mar


  5. Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
    Cost of living: <$900
    Internet: Good
    Places to work: The onion, startup getaway

    Freelancing+in+Ubud 2
  6. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
    Cost of living: <$800
    Internet: Great
    Places to work: Hubud

    davao co working
  7. Davao, Philippines
    Cost of living: <$600
    Internet: Good
    Places to work: Dreamwork


  8. Goa, India
    Cost of living: <$650
    Internet: Good
    Places to work: Co working Goa


  9. Guangzhou, China
    Cost of living: <$700
    Internet: Great
    Places to work: Maan CoffeeMy office

Where you want to work and live depends entirely on your interests. I’m not a city person, so I’m loving living and working in Siargao Island where the surf is good and I can live by the beach. You might want to climb mountains, explore an exotic cuisine and whatever else in between.

The best way to get a good idea of where you’re going to work is to look at the community driven which shows most of the best places to live and work remotely.

As you can see from the list above, the cost of living is drastically lower than if you were to live in a more developed country, and the quality of life is likely to be better. If you are considering how to start freelancing and becoming a digital nomad then there really is no better time to start. As always, please comment if you have a question.

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    thanks for your blog
    i would like to know more about Siargao’s internet
    im planning to go there, but wondering if i can sustain my online work (let’s say i need about 5 mpbs download and 2 upload on average)

    thanks for your help!

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      admin Listing Owner

      I worked in Siargao as a website designer/graphic designer for around 8 months. I will be honest and say that the internet was not great, but it was usable. I had to have regular skype meetings for hours at a time and this was possible with the internet that they had in Siargao at the time.

      However, as the island has grown, I have heard from friends there that the internet has become extremely slow. Which is likely due to the explosive number of people on the island.

      At this time, sadly, I think the internet in Siargao is really too unreliable if you rely on it for work. You could try using a 4G portable modem (which I did also) but even this isn’t a sure bet.